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Assamese Wedding Traditions and Customs

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Assam, the northeastern state of India, is well-known for its rich cultural heritage and diverse ethnic communities. The Assamese people have their unique customs and traditions, especially when it comes to weddings. In this blog, we will discuss the Assamese wedding traditions and customs in a less than 5 percent passive voice.

Assamese weddings are a grand affair that involves various rituals and ceremonies. One of the essential aspects of an Assamese wedding is the pre-wedding rituals. One such ritual is “Pani Tula,” where the groom’s family visits the bride’s house and offers her a fish in a brass plate. It symbolizes that the groom’s family has accepted the bride as a part of their family.

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 pre-wedding ritual is “Nuoni,” where the bride’s family presents the groom with a traditional Assamese Gamusa (a type of cloth) and a “Japi” (traditional hat made of bamboo and cane). It is considered a sign of respect and welcoming the groom to the bride’s family.

The main wedding ceremony in Assam is known as “Biya,” which takes place on the day of the wedding. The groom arrives at the bride’s house with his family, and the bride’s family welcomes them with a traditional “Sualkuchi” (a type of cloth) and an “Adoroni” (traditional Assamese scarf). The bride and groom exchange flower garlands and take the blessings of the elders.

One of the unique aspects of an Assamese wedding is the “Sador” ritual, where the bride wears a traditional Assamese saree known as “Mekhela Chadar.” It is a white and gold saree with intricate embroidery and is considered a symbol of Assamese culture.

The wedding ceremony is followed by a reception known as “Phool Sajya,” where the bride and groom meet their relatives and friends. The reception is incomplete without a traditional Assamese meal, which includes dishes like “Khar,” “Tenga,” and “Pitha.”


Assamese wedding traditions and customs are a beautiful amalgamation of culture and tradition. From pre-wedding rituals to post-wedding celebrations, every aspect of an Assamese wedding has a unique significance. By keeping these customs alive, the Assamese people are preserving their rich cultural heritage and passing it on to the next generation.


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