Amazing Uttar Pradesh Wedding Rituals (Pre-, post-, and Wedding Day)

Uttar Pradesh's wedding rituals are just as joyful as those in other parts of India. These events begin before the wedding and go on until the big day. Weddings in Uttar Pradesh have their style with bright colors, a lot of bling, and a house brimming with friends and relatives.

Traditional marriage in Uttar Pradesh includes pre-wedding, wedding, and post-wedding rituals.

Uttar Pradesh Pre-Wedding Rituals

  1. Rokka

    This ritual symbolized a marriage alliance between the children of the two families. It means that the boy and the girl enter into a relationship.

  2. Sagaai

    The ceremony serves as public recognition of the alliance by both families. The bride and groom commit to one another by exchanging wedding rings.

  3. Chunri Chadan

    During this ceremony, the mother of the groom and a few female relatives bring Shagun to the bride's home. On the bride's head, she places a red Chunri adorned with sparkling stones and embroidery. Then, she gives the bride a set of red bangles to wear on her Big Day.

  4. Mehendi

    In India, Mehendi is one of the most crucial wedding traditions. It is applied to the bride's hands and feet one day before the wedding. Also, female family members apply Mehendi to their hands.

  5. Mahila Sangeet

    This pre-wedding musical celebration takes place the day before the wedding. During this ceremony, the females sing traditional wedding songs. In the modernized version of this ritual, both families organize a sizable musical party to celebrate the occasion.

Uttar Pradesh Wedding Day Rituals

  1. Chuda Ceremony

    The bride's in-laws give her a red saree (wedding dress) on the morning of the wedding day. It is the dress that the bride must wear during the marriage ceremony.

  2. Baraat & Ghodi Chadna

    The wedding procession (Baraat) from the groom's side arrives at the ceremony venue in the evening. Everyone from the groom's family dances and sings with great excitement as the groom sits on the top of the lavishly decorated horse. 

    The bride's side welcomes the groom and his relatives to the ceremony venue with a shower of fresh flowers and perfume as they enter the venue.

  3. Varmala and Phera Ceremony

    After the wedding procession, the groom is brought to the stage. Upon the arrival of the bride, garlands get exchanged between the couple. This ceremony is called the Varmala Ceremony.

    Following this, the couple proceeds to the Mandap. The priest starts the fire in the Havan Kund, and the bride's father completes the Kanyadaan ritual. After this, the couple makes seven promises to each other for their married life during the Saptapadi ceremony and the Saat Pheras around the holy fire.

    Following this ceremony, the Sindoor Daan is performed, in which the groom applies vermilion powder to the bride's hair.

Uttar Pradesh Post-Wedding Rituals

  1. Bidaai 

    It is a very emotional moment. The bride reluctantly says goodbye to her family and moves out to start her new life.

  2. Grah Pravesh

    The bride is greeted with open arms by the groom's family when she finally arrives at her new home.

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