Punjabi Matrimony - Punjabi Pre-Wedding Rituals

Punjabi weddings are known for their joyous atmosphere, contains lots of dancing, singing, fun, and other events.

Like Punjabis themselves, their weddings shows that they believe in enjoying life to its fullest. Whether the wedding is an ordinary or lavish, Punjabis ensure that marriage has lots of fun and celebration.

So, without further ado, here are all the Punjabi Pre-wedding rituals on Bar Byoli Matrimony.

Pre-Wedding Rituals of Punjabi Marriages

  1. Roka

    The Roka is a commitment ceremony held before the engagement by the families of the bride and groom. Both families exchange sweets, fruits, gifts, etc.

    The word "Roka" comes from the word "Rokna," which means that the bride and groom can no longer look for other prospective partners and are now committed to a lifelong partnership.

  2. Chunni Chadhai

    A chunni ceremony happens to announce the engagement of the couple officially. Members of the groom's family traditionally pay a visit to the bride's family with gifts. The chunni is a traditional red headscarf that the bride wears with red clothing, such as a sari or lehenga-choli.

  3. Mangni or Sagaai (Engagement)

    The Mangni or engagement ceremony takes place on the same day as the Chunni Chadhai. The bride and groom exchange the rings in front of their families. Also, the families have finally come around to officially accepting them.

    The giving and receiving of wedding rings symbolize the groom's and bride's commitment to each other and their future as husband and wife.

  4. Mehendi

    Mehendi is a crucial component of almost every Indian wedding that you must not miss. Every Indian woman looks forward to and dreams of this part of Indian weddings.

    A day or two before the wedding, mehendi artists are invited to the bride's home. The hands and feet of the bride get decorated with beautiful henna designs. And the hands of all the girls and women in attendance are also decorated with Mehendi.

  5. Sangeet

    At the Sangeet, the bride/groom's relatives and friends gather to celebrate the wedding by singing traditional songs, teasing the bride/groom, and dancing. Since this ceremony occurs primarily in the evening, food plays a significant role.

  6. Jaggo or Jago

    Jaggo (meaning 'wake up') ritual happens the night before the wedding. The families come to the wedding place with a lot of noise and excitement.

    The family's females take turns singing and dancing while carrying a "Pitcher," a decorated earthen pot filled with candles. People also dance with a decorated stick that has bells attached to them.

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