Punjabi Matrimony - Punjabi Post-Wedding Rituals That Are Just Joyous

Punjab is one of India's most colorful and immaculate states because of its traditional sacred culture. The people of Punjab are known for being straightforward and lighthearted, with a soft spot for letting their emotions shine through.

Whether a wedding or a festival, they celebrate with great enthusiasm, music, dance, and merriment. To discuss Punjabi wedding rituals is to enter a world of Patiala pegs, loud music, sophisticated dance, religious ceremonies, and mouthwatering foods.

All you future brides here is a complete guide to the Punjabi post-wedding day rituals to help you get ready for the exciting ride that lies ahead:

Post-Wedding Rituals

  1. Pani Varna

    When the newlyweds get home, the groom's mother uses a pitcher of water to do an aarti for them. After each circle, the groom's mother tries to take a sip of water, but the groom stops her until the seventh time. The bride then uses her right foot to turn over a pot of rice and walks into the house.

  2. Mooh Dikhai

    After the Pani Varna ritual, the family begins praying to the household gods and goddesses. The bride then sits down in front of her friends and family while her veil gets uplifted. The elders then lavish her with gifts, money, and jewelry.

  3. Gaana Khelna

    Following this, guests play many traditional games at the groom's house. One of the games consists of placing the ring or string with sea shells and other items tied around the bride's wrist during the Gaana Bandhna ritual into a bowl of milk or colored water with rose petals.

    Whoever discovers the engagement rings first is expected to lead the couple's married life. There are a lot of other games like this.

  4. Reception

    In the past, since the groom's family and guests would be coming to the bride's city or town, or village, the bride's family would be the ones to host a reception for them.

    Nowadays, the reception gets hosted by the groom's family and is more complex than it once was. Because many couples have started making it a grand occasion that involves multiple entertainment aspects like dancers, live music, and so on, and then finishes it with dinner and dancing.

  5. Pag Phera or Phere Pauna

    In the Pag Phera ritual, the couple visits the bride's home a day after the wedding. Usually, the bride's brother comes to his sister's new home to bring her back home.

    The bride's parents make a big meal for their daughter and son-in-law at home. The bride's parents send them back with gifts and good wishes.

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